the perfect lighting fixture

Japan Trust Technology

Here’s one of those bizarro products that’s just waiting for some genius to come along and help it realize its no doubt substantial potential.

As you can see, it’s a light in the guise of a hospital ugg boots uk IV drip bag. That’s odd enough (unless you’re some sort of hypochondriac with a fetish for hospital gear). But it gets even more unusual. As you can also see, it’s an LED light with a USB hookup for a plug. Of course, that means you plug it in to your laptop to fire it up.

Now, conceptually speaking, what could that possibly mean? That your laptop is ill and in need of an infusion of energy? OK, that’s kind of cute. But it’s odd that it actually seems to be the laptop that’s energizing the drip bag, isn’t it? So, hmmm, maybe this is a statement about things working the other way ’round? About technology and computers somehow being the ultimate drug?

So now, folks, the sky’s the limit. You can hang these things just about anywhere you want. You can line your entry hall with th ugg boots uk em (to reassure visitors). You can hang them in a circle over your dining room table and create a glowing “IV Henge ugg boots uk ” of your very own.

And there’s more: You can actually fill the bag with liquid! Your rave/chill space frequenting pals are gonna love that. They can stare at the soft and friendly glow of the LED as a reminder to stay hydrated.

The LED Light USB Light ugg boots uk When 24 Disease Hospitalization is available at Japanese online store JTT (which has its own photographic suggestions for use it might, for instance, look nice hanging from a ceramic giraffe).

The product is apparently available in three colors of LED: white, orange, and blue. It costs 1,200 yen (about $16). A one plug adapter can be had for about $10, or you can get the adapter bundled with the IV bag for about $22. So, what are you waiting for?

The Perfect Handbag

I envy women with the lifestyle to carry off fabulous designer bags. I used to carry nicer bags, but all that changed with kids. Nowadays, the inside of my handbag looks like it was packed by a crazed hoarder with a weakness for Power Rangers, outdated school flyers, empty juice boxes, random wrappers and multiple lip glosses in the exact same shade. In my defense, I

My Basic Handbag: Once beloved, now just an old bag. You think I sympathize less than a third of the contents in my bag actually have anything to do with ME whatsoever. Basically, I carry a bag just to have ugg boots uk a place to stash the trash my offspring walk around wastebaskets to hand directly to ME. Inevitably I end the week with the realization that I toting a glorified garbage bag.

Naturally I have nicer small bags of the only fit one gloss, cell phone and one credit card variety for nights out, but for day to day I have basic go to bags that I half heartedly rotate in attempt to match what I wearing in black, brown and tan. I got a few trendier totes, but try to stick to the basic trio to cut down on that annoying bag switch glitch of standing at the grocer check out sans wallet.

My favorite of the basic rotation bags is a perfectly medium sized, medium brown leather Nine West bag, with two perfect compartments and two smaller zip pockets. It magically maintained status for two years, until it started performing magical tricks with my keys: they been vanishing JUST as I near my car door. I hover over my hood searching ugg boots uk for them like a deranged fool, sputtering through clenched teeth for the kids to MOMMY ONE MINUTE! as they pull at the car doors with the full force of their adorable little bodies. Just at the exact second my head seems ready to pop and fly around town like a deflating balloon, out pop the keys. This has been driving me nuts for over a week now, so I decided to do some investigative work. Tonight I emptied the contents, turned the bag inside out and solved the riddle: the lining of the bag is riddled with holes and the seams seem barely interested in one another. Time for a new bag.

Here what I found worthy of succession online:

Nine West: Their suede is on sale for $69. I like the metal details and the surprisingly versatile dark purple. I also like the name and giggle at the thought of searching around the house while asking if anyone happened to see where I left my Stud not quite sure suede and a single interior pocket will cut it everyday, though.

Old Navy: I used to favor leather bags because they wear so well, but faux ones have gotten so good that lately most of the satchels I compliment gals on were scored at Old Navy and H M. The price points also let you have a bit more fun with color and trends. Old Navy in Mole carries great style and price: $24.50. You have to hit H in person, they don sell online, but I picked up a killer tan hobo bag there last month on clearance for $10.

Lord Taylor: I love this store for surprising deals on quality pieces like this timeless yet current Classic Leather Shopper Tote by The Sak. I really like it in Burgundy. Marked down from $129 to $96.75, you can knock off another 15% with the promo code:BOOTS at checkout.

Banana Republic: I had good luck over the years with bags from Banana. I like the roomy cut and laid back silhouette of their , though I wish it were a tad less metallic and was offered in more than one color. Priced at $98, they were offering a limited time additional 15% off if you enter at checkout when I looked.

Macys: I been giving this store an extra look lately, because they been busting out amazing incentives and sales. I also swear their associates are getting more attentive and helpful. Online, their site is much more user friendly, too. I know it a wildcard, but I keep going back to this canvas . I like the way the pattern carries subdued floral into fall and the fact it was marked down from $128 to $63.99.

Basic bag take away: I pretty taken with that leather shopping tote at Lord Taylor, then again, ugg boots uk you can beat the combo of price and style of that Old Navy Faux hobo. I think I have to take a look at both in person to compare interiors way I can pop into H before I decide about you? ugg boots uk Have you seen any great basic bag deals lately? Share below.