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BOSTON (AP) Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell said he will probably start Jake Peavy in Game 3 of the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, followed by Clay Buchholz in Game 4.

Farrell said after Boston 8 1 victory in Game 1 on Wednesday night that he will likely give Buchholz another day of rest.

probably look to give him every extra day we can, Farrell said, that would point to Sunday, being Game 4. Asked before the World Series opener whether Buchholz had an injury, Farrell said, to the point of keeping him out of starting.

Jon Lester started against St. Louis Adam Wainwright in Game 1, with John Lackey scheduled to go for Boston agains ugg sale t Michael Wacha in Game 2 on Thursday night at Fenway Par ugg sale k. St. Louis is expected to start Joe Kelly and Lance Lynn in Games 3 and 4.

Wacha, a rookie whom the Cardinals obtained with a compensatory draft pick when Albert Puj ugg sale ols signed with the Angels, was 4 1 with a 2.78 ERA in the regular season, spending part of the year with Triple A Memphis. He is 3 0 with a 0.43 ERA in the postseason.

want the ball in big situations. There none bigger than the World Series, Wacha said. so I excited about getting it and I think every guy on our team wants the ball in these kinds of situations. he found out he would be starting Game 2 at Fenway Park _ his first time pitching in the ballpark _ it created a whole bunch of new things to be excited _ and worried _ about.

is kind of a ugg sale tricky little ballpark with the dimensions and that kind of stuff. One pitch can really kind of change a game, Wacha said. try not to think too much about it, just try to approach it just like any other game, any other stadium. And that just making pitches down in the zone and try not to give them too much of a chance to lift it. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Then and Now

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke made one hell of a succinct call back in a March 15, 2009 interview with “60 Minutes.” That call was to essentially buy stocks because fear is at its highest and brighter days are waiting in the wings. Amidst the pomp and circumstance of the interview at the time, the leader of the notoriously secretive Fed uttered the words “green shoots.” The term caught on immediately with the media and pundits appearing on television to discuss the outlook for the market, and became synonymous with indications of growth germination in parts of the economy. Hey, toss enough money at the problem (stimulus + Fed asset buying), and given the grave nature of the Great Recession, there was fertile soil for a rebound in corporate profit growth and general economic growth as measured by GDP. Since investors came back to the office on March 16, 2009, the S 500 has risen some 62%, as those green shoots that began to permeat ugg sale e from toxic garbage (de levering process and economic ruin for many) have blossomed. Some on the Left want more deficit spending in order to spur enough job creation to actually reduce the 9.8% unemployment rate. after helping to bring down Greece and Ireland. Whatever side of the political debate one falls, economic data and corporate financial statements po ugg sale int to an improved economy as of December 6, 2010 as opposed to March 15, 2009. The argument could be made that the risks (inflation by way of QE and death of the dollar by way of QE and deficit spending) have failed to bring about ample rewards. Ultimately, the stock market is a voting mechanism for the future performance of businesses, and the S 500 has cast its ballot that March 2009 this is not.

I think former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan made a very good observation during an interview with CNBC on jobs day, which was that corporate investment as a percentage of cash flow remains low. To him, this reflects a lack of corporate confidence; among other things, deciding to build a new distribution center depends upon the outlook for sales and taxes. However, the Maestro continues to acknowledge that the ascent in stock prices is a powerful, yet largely unappreciated, mechanism to companies and consumers. I therefore ask, are we better off now than 20 months ago?

Getting back to Bernanke. I think his latest chat with “60 Minutes” was absent a “green shoot” type moment. Oddly enough, he sounded rather downbeat in his assessment of economic prospects, perhaps explaining why market goers sold stocks on this news. The volume of what Bernanke stated in the interview leads me to a question that must be on the minds of many; does Bernanke see something bad happening on the economic front in 2011? After all, the guy did sniff out the nadir in investor discontent in mid March of 2009. Is he now sniffing out too much i ugg sale nvestor enthusiasm (just take a view of the ratcheting up of price targets and earnings estimates for many S 500 companies, and S 500 Index projections by bank economists)?

Some Views on Bernanke’s Latest 60 Minutes Appearance The market initially appeared to view favorably comments from Ben Bernanke over the weekend, specifically that the Fed is basically full bore on QE. However, in drilling down on the comments, the following ultimately shines through: (1) Bernanke views the recovery as not being able to stand on its own legs; and (2) the recovery is very weak.

Bernanke’s statement that interest rates could be raised in “15 minutes” is perhaps more worrying than reassuring. I understand what he meant, but if the Fed is forced to raise rates to fight QE induced inflation in 15 minutes it would represent a lack of foresight by those at the Fed.

Bernanke: M ugg sale arch 2009 vs. December 2010 March 2009

“It’s an extraordinary time”When asked if Fed has been printing money (stark contrast to comments made in December): “well, effectively”Economy is “very weak” December 2010

Recovery is struggling to become “sell sustaining”Another recession is “unlikely”Could take “four or five more years for unemployment to fall to 5% to 6%”Reiterated that the Fed is prepared to buy even more than $600 billion in TreasuriesRisk of inflation is “overblown””100%” confidence the Fed will be able ward off inflationPrinting money is a “myth”Is recovery self sustaining? “It may not be, it’s very close to the border”