What a site!!! Its been a while since I visited and you’ve improved 1000% or I never got around to it, which I doubt.

Under LOST VENUES, I didn’t see the Southgate High School, in Southgate, MI, on Northline Rd. Seger, the Dukes, Savage Grace, Alice, they all played there circa 68 71.

I was thrilled to see my band, KMR II, listed under the Melody Theater and Lincoln Park Theater. We played the Mel the first time with a stand in bass player. Our “audition” for Jerry Patlow. Our regular bassist couldn’tget out of work. We bombed!

We begged Jerry for a second chance, and the house was stoned more than usual. As we RAN offstage and out the back door, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department blew in the front and busted the whole place. We pulled our truck out of the side yard just in time to see squad cars all over the place.

Sorry to say, we never dealt with Jerry Patlow again.

My concert days began in 1972, so I was just a few years too late on a lot of the Legendary Shows (at Eastown Grande.) As far as venues, I haven’t seen this one mentioned: I remember hitchhiking out Gratiot to The Trading Post in Roseville. Saw Frigid Pink play there; I think there was a light show called “Liquid Lens” also. The trading post was a mini mall of head shops, including Tobacco Road, and the shows were not in an auditorium or ballroom, just some open space not occupied by retailers. They had a few shows around ’72 ’73. Does anyone else remember them?

My apologies if this post is not relevant to this site, but someone told me to try posting this question here. In 1982, I was in the Ragnar Kvaran band (managed by Ron Asheton, I guess that’s slightly relevant), and we did a gig at the City Club in Detroit in December 1982. The drummer for Non Fiction told me that a video was made of this gig. Does anyone know of this video, or who I might contact about it? The other bands, that night, were Non Fiction and the Cult Heroes. I am currently in contact with one of the guitarists of Non Fiction, so he would probably like to see or post video of that night, too. The guy who suggested I post this here also mentioned a “MI 80s rock site,” but he didn’t have the URL. Does anyone know about that?

In 1982, I was in Ragnar’s band. Non Fiction’s drummer and I were living in the same house, so Non Fiction was practicing in the basement. I got to meet Ron Asheton, Micheal Davis, and Scott Morgan during this time. I was maybe 2 or 3 years too young to see these guys in action back in the day, but I listened to Uncle Russ a ton, and remember his rant on WKNR the evening of the Vietnam Moritorium demonstration in Washington. I did get to see SRC, the Up, the Rationals, and Frigid Pink, but missed a lot of good stuff.

Thank goodness we still have places like the Magic Bag Theater that host the classic rock legends. Recently, we saw Blue Cheer and Scotty Morgan/Powertrane. Before that Savoy Brown performed there a few times. Unfortunately, we uggs missed Cactus last year! Does anyone remember the times that Savoy Brown played the Grande and the Eastown? Especially the night with Albert King and BB King a uggs n unforgetable blues show! I see that Catfish and Dallas Hodge are teamed up on Jan. 4, 08 at the Magic Bag. One last question: I recently purchased a fine album by the band uggs rong> uggs Sky, who played the Grande quite a few times. Does anyone know if they were from this area? Thanks!

The Motion Picture Anthology Blu

After checking Amazon, and as far as I can tell, this is the first time that all the Superman films have been offered together on Blu ray. Back in 2006 I picked up Superman Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Superman The Movie/ Superman II/ Superman II The Richard Donner Cut/ Superman III/ Superman IV The Quest for Peace/ Superman Returns) to have them all. Richard Donner Director Cut of Superman 2 was the first thing I watched. I had long heard about what the Salkinds had done to Donner during production. They had shot enough for two films, bumped Donner from the project or did he leave the film? Any way, I wanted to see his version. Having seen Richard Lester Superman 3 and knowing full well how goofy it was I assumed that Donner version of 2 would be a tad more serious. I arranged a screening with the biggest Superman fan I knew uggs and we watched the film. We were both left with a perplexing dilemma. That being the Lester version is the stronger of the two. It was shocking to both of us, but despite the footage and the rewinding the Earth at the end the rest of it left us flat. I personally haven watched it since. Lester version is still my favorite so I put the politics, legends and the facts aside to watch this great film.

What amazes me about this new Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology Blu ray set is the timing. Much like that of the new film, Man of Steel arriving in 2012, it has been rushed to stores before the rights are split up between Warner Brothers and the families of Superman’s original creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. I am extremely appreciative of two things in uggs this release. The first is having both Superman 3 and 4 on Blu ray for the first time. Superman 3, uggs outside of Richard Pryor chewing up the screen, has that great confrontation between Evil Superman and Clark Kent. With uggs 4 it is just a treat seeing Christopher Reeve doing his thing one last time. The second thing is the coupon to receive eight dollars off my Green Lantern ticket. Superman 1, 2 and Returns have been on Blu ray before meaning this edition has to be one last stab at racking in some bucks.

Everything from the Ultimate Collector Edition is included here yet again. The Blu ray transfers are a plus, despite the highlighting of dated special effects. The packaging is not quite as bulky as the previous release. If I talking about packaging there is obviously a problem. Where is the new gimmick, the lure, the buy this version and ditch your old incentive? With Warner Brothers releasing both the extended version of 1 and 2 previously only one thing remains the full cut of Superman 4: The Quest for Peace.

I would have never even known such a thing existed if not for an old Starlog Magazine I found at a yard sale. The issue in question featured another Nuclear Man (Clive Mantle) involved with the story, there were actually two. Lex Luthor (Gene Hackman) created another guy, who looked more like a member of The Cure than Superman. There were tons of pictures and actor profiles. So where is this footage? Even it if is terrible that is what special features are for. Superman 4 director, Sidney J. Furie, is still alive and directing so let have at it. A commentary by him and a look at this footage is what this release needs.

If you have Superman 1, 2 and Returns on Blu ray and wish to hold out for the others individually it will only be a matter of time. After all, despite whatever legal problems the Man of Steel faces Zach Snyder film will be out next year. This would give Warner Brothers another chance to give this fan what he really wants.

1. The Man Who Would Be King [Blu ray Book]

2. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (Blu ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) (see Tim Janson Review)

3. The Bridge on the River Kwai [Blu ray]

4. The Outlaw Josey Wales (Blu ray Book Packaging)

5. True Grit (Blu ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)


American History X / A History of Violence [Blu ray] Starring Edward Norton and Viggo Mortensen

Beyond Recognition [Blu ray] Starring Jimmie Jones and Patrick Holder

Bobby G. Can’t Swim [Blu ray] Starring John Luke Montias

Bulletproof [Blu ray] Starring Damon Wayans and James Caan

Collateral Damage / Eraser [Blu ray] Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams, James Caan

Firefox / Heartbreak Ridge (2 Movie Collection) [Blu ray] Starring Clint Eastwood

Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master [Blu Ray] Starring Jackie Chan

Long Riders [Blu ray] Starring David Carradine, Keith Carradine and Robert Carradine

The Man Who Would Be King [Blu ray Book] Starring Sean Connery and Christopher Plummer

The Outlaw Josey Wales (Blu ray Book Packaging) Starring Clint Eastwood

Posse [Blu ray] Starring Stephen Baldwin, Charles Lane, Tommy Lister

Sanctum (Two Disc Blu ray 3D/Blu ray Combo + Digital Copy) Starring Richard Roxburgh and Ioan Gruffudd

Shadows and Lies [Blu ray] Starring James Franco, Josh Lucas, Julianne Nicholson

True Grit (Blu ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) Starring Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges

Vera Cruz [Blu ray] Starring Gary Cooper and Burt Lancaster

The Wild Hunt Starring Ricky Mabe and Trevor Hayes

Wyatt Earp / The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford [Blu ray] Starring Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck, Sam Shepard and Kevin Costner

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (Blu ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) Starring Nathan Fillion, Jason Isaacs and Elisabeth Moss