These 8 Handbags Will Make You Look and Feel like a Celebrity

For years most of us have watched Hollywood and New York stars and celebrities from our livingroom and some of us have dreamed what it might be like to be in the spotlight. Now, we too can own a part of celebrity fashion and feel like a real Hollywood or New York Celebrity. This summer’s stylish handbags come in many different colors, shapes and sizes and are designed for the modern day woman or man. Fendi handbags have been carried on the shoulders of Lindsey Lohan, Hillary Duff, Nicky Hilton and Jessica Simpson to name a few. While many of us can not afford the high cost of great fashion when it comes to Fendi bags, there are other alternatives, Fendi Celebrity Style handbags which cost well below the exhorbitant $3,500.00 and up handbags. There are several places on the world wide web selling designer celebrity style handbags. I can’t imagine what that handbag must cost, but I don’t have to! I can purchase my own Valentino celebrity style handbag and be just as fashionable as she is. Their Valentino look alikes start at a very low price of $78.00 and go up to around a hundred or so. Eva Longoria Parker has been found toting an authentic Valentino with her friend Victoria Beckham and ugs you can too.

When I think of Prada ugs , I think high fashion but how much do one of these beauties go? I mean, I’m not up for remortgaging my home so I can own the real deal. You can pay for the real deal or get a real steal at starting prices of only $48.00! That’s an amazing value for a handbag nobody will think isn’t the real deal.

Sofia’s replica handbags have some of the neatest and real to life celebrity style handbags. Louis Vuitton celebrity inspired handbags start at $165.00 but hey that’s pretty reasonable for a Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton designer bags are worn on the shoulders of Beyonce and Jessica Simpson and the inspired ones can be worn by you!

Dolce Gabbana is one of the top labels in celebrity style. Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Madonna and Eva Mendes are just a handful of celebrities who like to tote around the Dolce ugs Cabbana designer’s handbag creations. Their Summer designer inspired handbags are now 15% off their incredibly low prices as well so visit them soon and get a decent bag for less.

Over the past 40 years, Chloe has sold more handbags to celebrities than any other designers. Farrah Fawcet proudly carried her Chloe handbag and still hangs on to this stylish handbag with flair. Of course, we know that we can get a Chloe celebrity style handbag for much less and still look like a star in the process. Now, how’s that for value.

Ok, so Marc Jacobs Stam has come up with a new line of designer handbags ranging from the mid $700.00 range and higher. Actually, that price isn’t too steep if you compare it with other designer handbags; however, it’s still much too steep for the everyday working girl who isn’t living in the limelight of luxury. So, how about $250.00? Still a little high but better than $700.00 and higher I’d say. Marc Jacobs Stam has been arm candy for Katie Holms and Lindsey Lohan.

Florence, Italy is where the famous Gucci bags were first made by Guccio Gucci (say that ten times real fast) and sold leading to the opening of a luggage store in Via Condotti, Rome. Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn helped push Gucci into celebrity status along with Jackie Onasis who the handbag was named after called the “Jackie O”. Recently, the Gucci handbag was featured in Ugly Betty and while they claim there was no endorsement, Gucci bag lovers noticed.

For summer fashion 2008 celebrity style han ugs dbags, these are just several alternatives and the savings are immense. You’ll look like the star you always wanted to be and you’ll look great toting this summer’s celebrity style handbags around the town. View profile

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