Time to talk turkey

By Darina Allen

EVEN though we may momentarily flirt with the idea of having something new and exotic for Christmas dinner, in the end everyone seems to crave the traditional favourites with all the trimmings, so which will it be, turkey or goose?

I’m giving the recipes for both here with the favourite accompaniments. Hopefully by now you have already bought the bird, you could just slather it in butter or wrap it in butter soaked muslin but the traditional brining method so beloved by the Americans in particular perks up even an undistinguished turkey and brings it to a new level of flavour. Don’t forget to use the carcass to make a bowl of turkey broth. It has tons of flavour and is full of goodness akin to Jewish penicillin, as chicken broth is called.

When I was in Dublin at the Good Food Ireland awards a few weeks ago, Peter Caviston the charismatic fishmonger from Glasthule in Co Dublin arrived with a gorgeous Norfolk Black turkey reared by Sandra Higgins in Co Kildare. It was ‘New York dressed’, still had all its insides intact in the time honoured way. I brought it home and hung it in a cold room for a further three weeks. Then I gutted it, made a delicious buttery herby stuffing and roasted it as below. It was absolutely scrumptious with a delicious mild gamey f ugg boots sale lavour, reminiscent of the flavour of turkeys years ago.

The secret is in the hanging, so remember this for next year, order a bronze turkey well ahead, hang and prepare it in the time honoured way. If gutting the bird seems daunting in an era when so much of our food comes wrapped in plastic on polystyrene trays, ask your Mum or Gran. It’s so much more fun to be able to do these things yourself, it’s easy and clean, and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Back to the goose one could use the ugg boots sale turkey stuffing but traditionally a potato stuffing was used. I ugg boots sale ‘ve added some mashed parsnip wh ugg boots sale ich is so good with the dark goose meat.

Don’t forget to save every scrap of the fat for roast potatoes it will keep in jars in your fridge for months. Remove the two chunky pieces of goose fat at the vent end and render those down separately 100C/225F/gas mark for 30 minutes or more. They will produce about 8 10 fl oz of precious goose fat to use for roast potatoes. Red cabbage and mashed or roast parsnips and, of course, lots of crispy potatoes are favourite accompaniments to serve with goose and don’t forget the apple sauce and gravy.

Old Fashioned Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing and Bread Sauce

If you’d rather not have the chestnuts, simply omit them from the stuffing, it will still be delicious.

Time to take aim at plastic bags

Back to Main MenuBusiness News HomeFront PorchIt Only MoneyOregon the EconomyPlaybooks ProfitsSilicon ForestWindow ShopStock Market ReportBusiness Public BlogBack to Main MenuVideos from the OregonianVideos from The Beaverton LeaderVideos from the Hillsboro ArgusVideos from The Forest Grove LeaderYour VideosView full sizeBenjamin Brink/The OregonianMason Brock, covered with plastic bags, listens while members o ugg boots sale f the Portland City Council last week consider banning one use plastic bags.Something about the ubiquitous billowy plastic bag captures the public imagination as few other environment challenges do. It might be the ubiquitous part that does it, because plastic bags, left unrecycled, seem never to go away.They turn into urban tumbleweeds, marine flotsam, landfill lifers.Portland ugg boots sale Mayor Sam Adams is determined to change that. After a week of media crafted hoopla featuring Muppet looking bag monsters at City Hall, he wrote an ordinance that in key ways meshes with a drive in the state Legislature to bar single use plastic bags. Patrons at the grocery checkout either will bring their own reusable bags or pay 5 cents per paper bag.A one time, everybody understands it statewide ban on plastic bags crafted, as the emerging state legislation is, with the involvement and support of Northwest grocers made the most sense to us. But the mayor’s plan, now keyed to start in 2012 just like the Legislature’s, deserves passage as long as none of its internal provisions collide with those up for approval in 2011 in Salem.The Portland C ugg boots sale ity Council will flyspeck the terms of the ban next week. By insisting it mesh with the state’s plan, the council can assure Portlanders they will not experience confusion if they should stop to fill the cooler in Canby.A ban in Portland also would spur momentum against the pesky bags if something should stall in Salem ugg boots sale unlikely considering the careful, collaborative drive led by state Sens. Mark Hass, D Beaverton, and Jason Atkinson, R Central Point.The goal is the same either way: to remove an environmental challenge.We say challenge because the single use plastic bags are not as evil as they are persistently portrayed.Bag for bag, plastic wins over paper when it comes to impact many more plastic bags can be produced using less energy and resources for lower unit cost, and plastic bags require less fuel per unit to truck to destinations.But plastic bags are so plentiful and “free” that they become litter, like cigarette butts. And our demonstrated inability to properly dispose of them makes them a known wildlife killer, sprawling visual blight and long term environmental menace.In taking them out of groceries, we’ll also support an Oregon wood pulp industry that supplies paper bag manufacturers while a 5 cent per bag charge would put the brakes on wastefulness of the kind we see with plastic.