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time to clear the air

Bakers time to clear the air!

Flour dust can cause asthmaOverviewThis pocket card aims to increase bakers’ awareness of the dangers of flour dust. It shows them how they can reduce the risk of developing occupational asthma by taking simple, practical steps to reduce the amount of flour dust in their working environment. A series of brief messages are supported by illustrations and cover subjects such as avoiding clouds of flour dust, a ugg boots sale g> ugg boots sale voiding spillages, cleaning up safely and reporting symptons. Contents: Protect yourself; Avoid spillages, work carefully; Avoid raising dusts when loading and mixing; Avoid dust clouds when folding and disposing of empty ugg boots sale bags; Avoid creating clouds of flour dust; Clean up safely; Stay healthy, ugg boots sale report symptoms to your boss.

DownloadsWhere possible the HSE will provide a PDF version of documents. These documents can be viewed on your computer or printed on your own printer. You will require a viewer to view these files, one of these is available at the Adobe Acrobat site.