ugg boots sale Time to drive the carbon cowbo

Time to drive the carbon cowboys out of town

GREEN bags are they effective in helping to reduce our landfills, or are they simply a ”get out of jail free card”? In an article in The Sunday Age this week, Deakin University professor of environmental marketing Michael Polonsky was quoted as saying: “Whether we actually use green bags or not is actuall ugg boots sale y irrelevant; we feel we’re making a difference.”

Buying green bags leaves us feeling less guilty than when we use plastic bags. Yet, by failing to reuse these bags ugg boots sale enough times, we end up doing more environmental harm than good.

Of greater concern, however, is whether misinformation inherent in th ugg boots sale e voluntary carbon offsets markets highlighted by a BusinessDay investigation in Tuesday’s Age will similarly lead to a worsening of our environmental predicament.

Two key issues were raised in the investigation. Firstly, many consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of transparency in markets for green products such as carbon offsets. Secondly, opaque standards and loo ugg boots sale se monitoring can allow offset providers to falsely lead consumers to believe that they are buying offsets on their behalf.