ugg boots sale Time to say goodbye to blue bo

Time to say goodbye to blue box

My family has a cottage on the Trent River and the taxes have grown to the equivalent of my taxes in Hamilton. Garbage is $2.75 a bag and tags are available in town. There is no green box you must compost. But you can use blue bags for recycling, as many and as much as you want.

At home, I use blue bags if my blue box is overflowing and I have never been denied. A garbage bag and a compost bag complete my pickup on garbage day. The pluses far outweigh the minuses there’s no green box lying on my driveway app ugg boots sale roach or the public sidewalk, no blue box on the road or half filled with snow, no garbag ugg boots sale e can lid to look for.

The minuses? The “bottle people” might be put out but I just put wine bottles etc. out separately and they find them. The recycle people might have to hire a few more people to rip open the blue bags and sort the contents and plastic bags are recyclable. The blu ugg boots sale e box manufacturers would have to redesign the box to hold a blue bag and lastly the city might have ugg boots sale to give out blue bags instead of blue boxes. Think about it.