ugg boots sale Time to spread some mulchM

Time to spread some mulch

My gardening plan forthis weekendis to top dress all my beds and borders with an inch thick layer of quality soil amending mulch.

It’s a job I like to get done before my perennials and bulbs get too far out of the ground. It is a chore that always leaves the garden looking fresh and well dressed for spring.

I used to have my mulch soil amender delivered in a great pile dumped in the driveway, but now I love having it brought in by the Mygardenbag co ugg boots sale mpany in Vancouver.

They deliver it in a very neat and tidy big yellow recyclable cube shaped bag.

The owner of the company, Gordon van Vliet has this very nifty truck with a fork liftattached to the back that allows him to lift the bag off by its sturdy loops and drop it preci ugg boots sale sely where you want it.

Many people like to order three or four yards, often different material soil, mulch, gravel with each bag being disposited exactly where it is needed, provided there is access front and back.

I will be spreading the Nutrify mix, an almost jet black compost, that is perfect for top dressing for appearances. It is also great for boosting the organic content of soil that has been depleted of nutrients through rains, erosion and just the appetite of voracious plants.

What I like about having it delivered in a bag is that if it is raining the bag can be closed so the mulch does not get excessively wet and end up spilling or seeping everywhere. It is just a lot easier to handle and I can tackle the job as time allows.

When I am finished, I will drop the bag off at one of the recycling points KJM Nursery in Southlands or Hewer’s Home Hardware on West 10th Avenue .

All garden centres should be on board with this system as it is pro active recycling. The people dropping off the bags end up shopping, Van Vliet gets to re use the bags, everyone wins . . . especially the environment because there is less waste with this delivery method.

This is the way most European ugg boots sale gardens get their soil and mulch delivered these days. In France, last spring, I even saw a a garden display that showedhow whole gardens could be delivered in the same way . . . by bag. (See pic).

In the Okanagan, from where the basic ingredients for Nutrify come from, they know it better as Ogogrow. It is carefully prepared to be weed free and environmentally friendly, containing no toxic chemicals or excessive salt or other elements.

I will sprinkle it to form a light carpet over my perennial beds as well as around shrubs. If I have a ugg boots sale ny left over, I will use it to mix with other soil for planter boxes.

For other applications, Van Vliet recommends the following:

Flower beds and veggie gardens: Mix one inch of amender with the top four inches of soil.

Established flower/shrub beds: Top dress with 1.5 of amender.

Roses, tubers and bulbs: Use one part amender to four parts soil.

New lawns: Cover the ground with one or two inches and work into existing soil a few inches. Follow normal planting and sodding procedures. Do not use as primary soil, you must mix it in.

Established lawns: Mow your lawn shorter than normal, spread 1/4 1/2 inch of amender and rake it in or use a broom and get it down to the base.