ugg boots sale Time to switch to clear bags

Time to switch to clear bags

Thanks to Ron Would who sent in this photograph of green bags, which will no longer be allowed for use in Markham for putting out your trash as the city switches to a clear bag system. The idea is to prevent people from putting recyclabes in with the trash by making what’s inside clearly visible. The city says it has been in touch with local retailers alerting them to the switch, and will allow a grace period through the month of May where those not using clear bags will only get a reminder stic

While the Economist Sun reported last week that Markhamites were being told they could use up the leftover dark bags to line their green bins, the region environmental promotion and protection director is stressing this is a short term solution.

The region has been promoting the use of compostable bags in green bins, said Laura McDowell. That plan is still in its early stages, with about 30 per cent compliance regionwide.

Instead, she encouraged residents to take unopened garbage bag packages back to the store, use them for storage or donating clothes, or give them to others living in municipalities where you can still use them for garbage.

Markham clear bag program is a drive to push more participation in the green bin and blue box programs, the city waste and environmental senior manager, Claudia Marsales said.

Residents who do not use clear bags for garbage after the April 30 rollout will see stickers and educational reminders left with their trash. After several warnings, if your trash is not in clear bags, it will not be picked up.

all 320,000 Markham residents will turn the ship around overnight, Ms Marsales said. majority w ugg boots sale ill. With any change, people will need reminders.

She noted as part of the switch, the city is eliminating the previous garbage bag limit.

is easier for people, she said. you have a party and have garbage, you can put five bags of garbage out.

Other municipalities are watching the Markham model, Ms Marsales noted.

However, clear bags are not regarded as a good solution everywhere, Orangeville Councillor Jeremy Williams said in an e mail after reading the Economist Sun story last week on Markham clear bag rollout.

Half of Dufferin Country uses a clear bag system but residents in Orangeville are challenging the switch, he said.

For many, the fight is centred around a resident right to privacy.

is undeniably a big issue, said Sofie Weber, an Orangeville residen ugg boots sale t who started a Facebook page, Say No to ugg boots sale Clear Bags. bags go against our basic right to privacy.

The switch to clear bags is also a dignity and women issue, Ms Weber said.

about children who wear Pull Ups or seniors who have to wear adult diapers? she said. is not anyone business when a woman is menstruating. This is a way of shaming us when we are menstruating.

It should be noted that, similar to Markham clear bag policy, Dufferin Country residents are allowed an opaque grocery bag inside the clear garbage bag for privacy items, such as diapers or feminine hygiene products.

Markham uses a different system and residents, along with the rest of the region, are already allowed to place those privacy items in the green bin for curbside collection each week, including diapers and feminine hygiene products.

While Guelph is phasing out clear garbage bags as it switches to a larger waste bin collection system similar to one being used in Toronto, Guelph solid waste general manager Dean Wyman said in the more than five years clear bags have been used, there haven been a significant number of concerns raised by residents.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality also uses a clear bag system. Instead of allowing privacy bags in the clear bag, the Nova Scotia municipality allows residents to have on ugg boots sale e large dark plastic privacy bag each week along with a maximum of four clear garbage bags.